How to place an order for the best energy drink - the BLUE

1 - Click the "Buy Now" button

2 - Select the language that best applies to you

3 - Select the amount of boxes you want to order

4 - Click on the "My Cart" button

5 - Click the "Review Cart" button

6 - Click the "Checkout Now" button

7 - Click the "Register Now" button - Not: you don't need to fill any 
     details, You may have to click the button twice

8 - Fill in your full details. Not: You must specify the - zip code and select
     the state

9 - Pick a password, repeat it and make sure it matches the first typing.
Recommendation, choose a password that you can remember like
     your mobile phone number

10- Make sure that the details you have filled in are correct and click

11- Fill your credit card details and click "Submit".

      Please note that credit information is not saved. If you would like to
      book again, you must remember the information you entered in the

      Reservations can be made with Visa or Mastercard only

After clicking on the Submit "the system will send you an invoice by e-mail

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