Who's Afraid of Corona

Did you know, our body is a well-oiled machine

Proper maintenance and strengthening your immune system will do a great job in the war against the corona, So here are some things to help you protect your body and advises yout for what is right to eat and drink to do so.

There are many options to fight various illnesses, the most effective and most appropriate option is proper body maintenance, proper nutrition, and a good hygiene. by keeping these very simple rules such as hand washing whenever possible, not touching your face with dirty hands, try opening doors while pushing, and try not to touch the handles, by you can partially protect your body. However, these are actions that are important to implement on a daily basis regardless of Corona because we never know where the hands of the person who just clicked the "stop" button on the bus were.

In order to keep the body strong and robust against the coronary dark forces and / or in general, it would be right to give the body tools to fight this virus and free radicals on its own and without unnecessary chemicals. The best way is the natural selection of vitamins and minerals that nature gives us.

The best, most effective and fastest way to boost the immune system is to provide a steady supply of essential minerals and vitamins such as: strong antioxidants, Vitamin C boosts the immune system, Vitamin B12, Folic Acids, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6 and lots of water.

Eating vegetables and fruits does wonders for the body and contributes to strengthening the body and immune system, relieving symptoms of colds and / or illnesses, the process can be expedited and also contributing to the body with alertness, vitality and thought through improved digestive and metabolic function (metabolism)

In order to contribute to strengthening your body significantly and in a relatively short period of time, we recommend adding to your daily diet the vitamins and minerals mentioned here by way of drinking the energy drink - BLUE, it contains the same ingredients that will help you fight free radicals and thus reduce the dangers of various viruses in them. Corona virus too. All it takes is to give your body the right tools to defend and / or fight in Corona.

Some actions that will help you be protected from the Corona virus

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1- Hygiene, hygiene, hygiene Yes, people should be called upon to apply this wherever and whenever, for example; If you are in the bathroom, if you have traveled in public transport, if you have pressed the lift order button, always, but always wash your hands with soap immediately afterwards, if you have the option of carrying alcohol or wet wipes for cleaning, it will be excellent.

2 - If you wash your hands in a sink located in a public restroom and / or the one in the workplace or anywhere, close the faucet using a dry toilet paper or some dry towel, just don't touch the tap with your hands.

3 - Avoid getting close to other people, especially if in the last few weeks they have returned from abroad. Avoid hugs, kisses and such contacts that may transmit the virus to you.

4 - During the day you realize that you have touched all kinds of objects, whether they are your own and if they are in the workplace, staple stapler, friend's pen, photocopier, coffee machine etc., so avoid contact with eyes and nose, do not scratch or rub eyes Without sharing your hands.

5 - Not only avoid adherence, it is important that we avoid the adherence of others if we are sick and do not know about it, how to do it?

Simply, when sneezing, one must sneeze into the elbow, not sneeze on the hand that uses it to greet peace - shake hands, greet friends, etc., we do not want to infect them with illness.

6 - The difference between dry cough which is the characteristic of the corona to regular cough makes the identification procedure quicker and easier for you.

If you have a cough that accompanies blackheads and the feeling that you are having a second sputum is a wet cough, it is not a concern and you have nothing to worry about. However, if the cough is dry, one that makes you feel like you have sand in your throat, or your throat is burning, you should refrain from leaving your home for at least 14 days according to health system guidelines.

Follow yourself and make sure you have no fever combined with dry cough and / or shortness of breath, if yes, call the ambulance / emergency medical services urgently

7 - Most importantly, eat right, make sure your body is getting vitamins and minerals as suggested here and according to the average by the various health funds.
Our recommendation that drinking BLUE energy beverage will help you in the fight against free radicals and thus avoid adhering to various viruses that also stress us all.

Health and happiness for all of us